The Secret Weapon in Executive Job Search

Accomplishments are cryptic, two-line vignettes or abbreviated case histories, encompassing a drawback, decision and quantified outcome, of a particular movement taken by the supervisor candidate.

Here is an event:

Replaced electro-mechanical powered meals conveyor strains with hydraulic-power, eliminating breakage and costly downtimes for required wash-downs, ensuing in financial savings of $7,300 per day.

Note that the abbreviated vogue does a quantity of issues. First, its compact vogue permits for grouping pretty an ideally suited deal of Accomplishments in a letter (usually three, 5 or 7 offset by bullet factors). The cryptic vogue suggests significance and hints that there are numerous extra profession Accomplishments the place these bought here from.

Accomplishments Have Multiple Uses.

Obviously, Accomplishments is in all likelihood included in a resume and on all on-line enterprise profiles (for event, on LinkedIn).

In addition, Accomplishments are important:&#thirteen;


  • in a Letter of Introduction (Simply insert the private pronoun in entrance of the movement taken to make an whole sentence.)
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  • as talking factors inside the form of impromptu insertions into networking conversations
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  • when practiced and ready to be used in screening interviews as effectively as to in face-face interviews
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  • as content material for introductions to talking engagements.
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Accomplishments exhibit administration effectiveness and act as testimonials to expertise and creativity, lowering the want for statements that sound like bragging.

Why Does The Executive Need So Many Accomplishments?

We advocate that you merely’ve bought bought no decrease than one hundred documented Accomplishments in a “library” (in all likelihood an Excel spreadsheet) you presumably can pull from in a quantity of situations. While you’ll possibly use a minimal of three (or a most of seven) in a letter, you presumably can embrace the identical quantity – however utterly different ones — in a bio or on successive emails or interviews.

You do not need to make the most of the identical Accomplishments in successive contacts with the identical people. The extra of these case historic previous vignettes it is important to tug from, the extra spectacular your background and expertise turns into. And, the extra senior you are, the extra in depth your background should be.

Why Do We Recommend Grouping Them in Odd Numbers?

Without going into the magical connections to the quantity “three,” we want to convey that this is “extra to this story.” Put merely, even numbers subliminally signal completion or finality, whereas odd numbers are inclined to level the utterly different, or incompleteness.

The human mind is engaged by incompleteness.

We do not have a completely rational clarification as to why that is, however over 30 years of expertise inside the direct response promoting profession (and numerous checks) have confirmed this to be the case. Ignore this advertising secret at your private peril!

Could you make the most of extra element on strategies to draft and make use of this important advertising computer software? Joseph A. Krueger and co-creator Virginia S. Nicols of The Marketing Machine ® have created an whole particular report on Building Your Accomplishments Library. You can discover extra at Executive Job Search [].

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