The Best In Class IT Consultant


In the quick-paced and ever altering world of IT the flexibility of IT Managers and Practitioners to be actually efficient consultants has by no means been greater.

So what are the capabilities and attributes displayed by the easiest IT Consultants? I think about they fall into seven classes as follows:

1. Thought Leadership

2. Client Knowledge

three. Strategic Thinking

4. Experience and Know How

5. Problem Solving

6. Relationship Management

7. Change Leadership

In taking a look at every of these seven key contributors to success in flip I even have made the underlying assumption that the foremost aim of the IT Consultant is to discover, reveal and extract the whole enterprise worth inside a shopper account. In completely different phrases it is all about CLIENT INTIMACY.

1. Thought Leadership

A Thought Leader is somebody or a agency entity, recognised to be a pacesetter of their area. The exterior world determines whether or not a particular person or an organisation is a thought chief.

Thought management is predicated on reputation. That reputation is predicated on the particular person’s or organisation’s understanding of its enterprise, the wants of its prospects, and the broader market-place by which s/he operates. Quite merely they’re deemed to be pre-eminent of their space of expertise.

To be a thought chief requires a spirit of generosity – generosity of time, intelligence and information. It additionally requires the flexibility to philosophise, intellectualise and assume forward with the intention to push the boundaries of current considering.

Thought leaders are always hungry for information and insights. They know the place and the means by which to search out out about current best practices adopted by market-leaders. They know the means by which to entry information on rising utilized sciences, product/system updates and vanguard/”bleeding edge” considering.

They use this information to be a catalyst for change, to problem current considering and to vary current paradigms. They apply their considering to take a look at new hypotheses and to draw conclusions which they share overtly, usually placing in hazard their reputation.

Thought leaders know the means by which to impact others by the utilization of numerous media to publish their ideas. They know the means by which to:

– Cultivate the Press

– Publish White Papers, Case Studies and Research/Survey Results

– Submit Articles by way of Social Networks

– Engage with Professional Groups and Communities

– Obtain extreme diploma talking engagements at Conferences/Trade Shows

– Organise and lead Brainstorming Events

In quick, thought leaders give Thought Leadership the very best precedence of their lives. They see Thought Leadership as a strategic crucial and are absolutely dedicated to it. They have an loyal notion that they will make a distinction of their chosen space of expertise.

If it is doable you may be a Best in Class IT Consultant you should be devoted to this process of Thought Leadership.

2. Client Knowledge

When contemplating the distinction they will make to their shopper’s state of affairs the Best in Class IT Consultant engages in “exterior in” considering. In completely different phrases they start with a full understanding of the drivers of change surrounding their shopper. They understand that their expertise is one among many enablers of their shopper’s future success and that to completely leverage that expertise they want a full understanding of the shopper’s market-place and the shopper itself.

Best in Class IT Consultants as a consequence of this actuality take time to evaluation the context by which they are going to be working with a given shopper.

When it includes the shopper’s market-place they make sure that they absolutely understand:

– The calls for of its prospects, now and finally

– Competitor threats going by the shopper

– The menace posed by new entrants to the shopper’s market

– The influence of substitute providers and merchandise which might undermine the shopper’s enterprise

– The vitality and affect that current suppliers to the shopper practice over the shopper

They additionally evaluation and understand the drivers of change inside the shopper’s market collectively with:

– The Regulatory Environment

– The state of the Economy

– Social/Cultural developments

– Adoption of latest and vanguard Technologies out there inside the market-place

– The use of latest routes to market being adopted by organisations inside the shopper’s market sector

The Best in Class IT Consultant makes use of this exterior evaluation to establish and analyse the shopper’s current and constructive future response to these drivers of change by discovering out as a lot as doable with regard to the shopper’s:

– Vision

– Objectives

– Strategy

– Current Resources

– Structure

– Systems

– Employee Capabilities

– Quality of Management

– Style of Leadership

– Current Values and Culture

S/he then makes use of this understanding of the shopper’s current state of affairs and most properly-preferred future state of affairs to establish key factors which s/he might handle with IT associated options.

Instead of starting with their technical expertise and considering how they will work extra productively with the shopper IN the shopper’s enterprise they start with massive picture considering and recognizing alternatives for serving to their shopper to work ON the enterprise for future success.

This Outside/In considering versus Inside/Out considering permits them to have means extra large reaching discussions with their shopper, and thereby to distinguish themselves as somebody who can carry future added worth to the shopper’s enterprise.

Best in Class IT Consultants see the significance of this greater, wider, holistic method to their shopper involvement.

three. Strategic Thinking

A thorough understanding of the shopper’s massive picture will lead the Best in Class IT Consultant into extreme about how best to assist the shopper to current you completely different IT strategies and selections aligned to the whole method of the shopper’s organisation.

To contemplate IT associated strategic selections the Best in Class IT Consultant takes time to know the organisation’s whole method in its given market-place. S/he takes time to search out out:

– Where out there inside the market-place will the shopper be focussing its efforts to attain future aggressive benefit

– Its development mannequin, e.g. pure development, acquisition, merger, disinvestment, joint ventures and so forth, and if the method for development will most probably be completely different in numerous geographies if the shopper is worldwide/world

– Its key differentiators, e.g. product extreme quality, customised providers, value, area of curiosity participant, one cease store and so forth, and as a consequence of this actuality what the mannequin stands for

– Its financial mannequin, e.g. extremely customised premium priced merchandise/providers or standardised low price choices, or a combination of each provided direct to prospects or by way of franchising, licensing or reseller networks

– Its velocity of enlargement using its current routes to market and in addition new, further routes to market e.g. e-commerce

By understanding the strategic intent of the shopper the Best in Class IT Consultant will put forward completely different IT associated selections for the shopper to imagine about and consider.

The Best in Class IT Consultant will assemble, with the shopper, an evaluation course of to test the completely different selections and choose the proper one. S/he’ll work in partnership alongside the shopper to co-create your best possibility powerfully aligned with the organisation’s whole method.

This strategic considering self-discipline and rigour permits him/her to influence transformational change inside the shopper’s enterprise and by no means simply transactional modifications. It’s a key space of expertise.

4. Experience and Know How

The most worthwhile IT Consultants know all the things there might even be to examine their chosen space of expertise stemming from their background and expertise. They additionally know so a lot about every form of the current best practices particularly referring to IT collectively with:

– Existing Technologies

– Emerging Technologies

– Operating Systems Upgrades/Platform Changes

– Product Updates/Enhancements

– Systems Development/Deployment

But as properly as they’re very conversant inside the utilization of broader ideas referring to:

– Quality Improvement

– Business Process Improvement/Re-engineering

– Continuous Improvement

– Lean Manufacturing

– Efficiency Improvement/Use of Self Managed Teams

They use their particular and broader information and expertise to ‘educate’ their shopper on:

– The true actuality of their current state of affairs

– What is a doable, most properly-preferred state of affairs

– The hole the shopper should deal with

– How to deal with it

– How to make the most of the expertise of exterior specialists/suppliers to current further obligatory assets to bridge the hole

Best in Class IT Consultants mustn’t afraid to problem their shopper’s current considering, inform the shopper on what’s now doable and advise on how best to go about initiating and delivering required modifications.

In fulfilling this function they arrive to be considered by purchasers as a trusted buddy, somebody to be relied upon for best suggestion, and a future confederate of their enterprise.

Not surprisingly there is a sturdy hyperlink between this Experience and Know How performance and their Thought Leadership performance. The two are inextricably woven collectively. The one, Thought Leadership, is a sturdy contributor to Experience and Know How, a key differentiator for the proper in Class IT Consultant.

5. Problem Solving

The best in Class IT Consultant simply isn’t solely in a place to giving the proper suggestion s/he is additionally a drawback solver. The expertise of diagnosing factors ends inside the flexibility to unravel factors with all of the expertise and know the means the advisor possesses. So, drawback fixing is a key space of expertise for the proper in Class IT Consultant.

What do the proper in school do in any other case from the relaxation? Here are some ideas:

– They see themselves as one factor of a ‘detective’, objectively, and with an open thoughts, information gathering from pretty a little bit of angles. They possess an instinct, an instinct, when listening to one factor that does not pretty ring true.

– They use others to share their hypotheses to try to decide the premise set off behind factors

– They have a look at factors/circumstances from pretty a little bit of angles using confirmed diagnostic processes and methods

– They collect information which is each aim (current information) and subjective (ideas, views and opinions of key stakeholders)

– They are ’emotionally clever’ seeing how of us’s differing values and/or goals, inside politics, vitality performs and hidden agendas might even be clouding the premise set off behind factors

This potential to not ‘be delay the scent’ when diagnosing and fixing shopper factors is a key contributor to the success of the Best in Class IT Consultant.

Not solely are they good at combining their aim and subjective information gathering and interpretation abilities they’re positively involved in rising and growing the combination of abilities.

They are hooked on rooting out the exact actuality so as that regardless of the suggestion they current or the options they put forward, they know that what they’re proposing has exact integrity and might remedy the problem.

Having said this they’re practical ample to know that always proposals simply isn’t going to be absolutely accepted by the shopper for causes of timing, key stakeholder influences, implementation of completely different modifications and a bunch of completely different causes. They as a consequence of this actuality are prepared to work collaboratively with the shopper to ship what’s realistically doable.

Best in Class IT Consultants pretty merely are glorious drawback solvers.

6. Relationship Management

The Best in Class IT Consultant regards networking and relationship constructing inside a shopper as important to their success.

They recognise the significance of figuring out and attending to know key dedication-makers and dedication-influencers all by the shopper as properly as to inside their very personal organisation.

They know the means by which to make the most of each direct and oblique networking actions to fulfill with new of us. They understand the means by which to assemble rapport, start a dialog, proceed a dialogue and construct a relationship into one by which they’re considered as a beneficial buddy, confidante and adviser.

They understand the means by which to make the most of pretty a little bit of influencing types and abilities to best influence.

They recognise the wants and agendas of key stakeholders and might promote the advantages of their ideas to them in a means which clearly reveals empathy and an understanding of their wants.

They understand the selection-making processes their purchasers use inside the case of particular areas of change. They are in tune with how the inside construction of the organisation truly works versus ought to work.

They recognise the significance of teamwork inside the case of shopper relationship constructing and additionally they orchestrate conferences between colleagues of their very personal organisation with counterparts inside the shopper organisation to assemble a sturdy, multi-layer engagement between the two organisations.

They know the significance of working with colleagues servicing completely different elements of the shopper’s enterprise feeding them information and intelligence on the shopper’s actions and future plans. This permits them to always ‘scan’ and interpret the shopper’s greater picture in a holistic means.

Best in Class IT Consultants are socially ‘snug’, in a place to converse with of us on pretty a little bit of subjects on pretty a little bit of ranges, in pretty a little bit of circumstances. They are very a lot ‘of us centric’ talking WITH of us and by no means AT of us. They are extremely conscious of of us’s wants fulfilling ensures and commitments they’ve made to assemble notion inside the connection.

In quick, faraway from being ‘expertise geeks’ and talking about themselves, they’re real believers in shopper intimacy i.e. absolutely understanding the center beat and feelings of the shopper not simply the exterior facade.

This potential to assemble relationships permits them to protect in contact with the shopper, study from the shopper, spot new enterprise alternatives and swap them into new income streams, most probably the final phrase take a look at of their success!

7. Change Leadership

All consultants are ‘change brokers’. That is the set off they exist. That is the foremost focus of their function. And that is the set off the talents of change management are so important to them and their success.

Effective change leaders have constructive beliefs about change and the value of change. They possess an understanding of change administration processes. They know the means by which to make the most of and apply change administration abilities inside the processes.

Change management and administration in spite of all the things is an whole matter in its personal proper so I will give consideration to a quantity of of the necessities for the IT Consultant.

For the Best in Class IT Consultant change management is basically about three areas of contribution – Consultation, Collaboration and Communication.


– S/he’ll assist the shopper to see and confront the brutal info, bringing modern information and new insights to assist the shopper see their current actuality, and the want for change, clearly

– S/he’ll assist the shopper create a future, most properly-preferred state of affairs using a Gap Analysis or comparable diagnostic

– S/he’ll clarify the monetary advantages of a proposed change so as that the shopper can clearly see the Return on Investment

– S/he’ll assist in making a coalition for change all by the shopper i.e. the important factor stakeholder group

– S/he’ll assist in explaining the proposed change and promoting it to this group to attain their assist

– S/he’ll add worth to the shopper’s planning and implementation processes on account of comparable experiences with completely different purchasers


The Best in Class IT Consultant will:

– Act as a crew member, with the shopper’s personal crew of of us, to establish factors and their root causes

– Identify and consider strategic selections

– Co-create customised options to the shopper’s wants, including know the means primarily based on their expertise and information gained over time

– Partner the shopper in promoting options internally with the shopper

– Bring into play specialists from inside his/her personal organisation to current further assets to the shopper’s personal assets


The Best in Class IT Consultant will:

– Help the shopper to assemble a stakeholder map

– Assist inside the supply of key stakeholder communication plans

– Actively assist the shopper with inside stakeholder communication and influencing earlier than and by roll out of modifications

– Help the shopper with inside battle decision

– Act as a coach/facilitator inside the change administration course of

In abstract, inside the world of change management, the Best in Class IT Consultant will confederate the shopper all by the change administration course of to make sure that the change is carried out effectively and anchored into the organisation as a of the mannequin new norm.

In Summary

So there you have gotten it – the seven practices of Best in Class IT Consultants.

Use the guidelines under to imagine about your current diploma of expertise in these seven practices and use the outcomes to focus by your self private development and enchancment wants in these areas.

Good luck!

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