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The State Key Laboratory of High-quality Special Steel Metallurgy and Preparation

Recruit international students (master’s and PhD) with a fully funded China scholarship or Shanghai Government scholarship. Interested students, please contact [email protected].

PS: The introduction of the university and laboratory 

Shanghai University (hereinafter referred to as SHU) is one of the top 40 Chinese universities, top 100 Asian universities, the premier university of Shanghai, and a member of China Project 211 Universities. It is a comprehensive university offering 101 undergraduate programs, 180 graduate programs, and 95 doctoral programs in various disciplines including science, humanities & social sciences, engineering, economics & management, art, etc.

SHU was founded in 1922, and has been developed into a university with profound academic traditions and outstanding research facilities, embracing students from various countries with its global outlook. Just like the city of Shanghai, SHU has undergone dramatic changes in the past few decades,turning into a multicultural community with tremendous opportunities and resources.

SHU is inspired to build a highly effective platform for “Developing Talent”, “Conducting Science & Technology Research”, and “Serving Society”. Faculty and students can grow together in a supportive and pleasant learning environment. Through the continuous improvement of the “All-round and whole-person” education model, SHU aims at providing society graduates cultivated with global vision, citizenship consciousness, humanity mindset, innovative spirit and practical ability to meet future challenges. The university currently has 18986 graduate students, 19877 undergraduate students, and 2229 international students. Students graduated from SHU are widely welcomed by employers from various firms and companies.

There are currently 3482 faculty members working for the university, including 814 professors and 1119 associate professors,7 Highly Cited Researchers. Based on the contribution of our top-level faculty and diligent students, SHU has achieved collaboration with 251 universities in 55 nations and regions, managing 5 Confucius Institutes with partners in South America, Europe, Asia, etc.

With a clear educational mission and objectives on talent cultivation, combined with global perspectives and creative awareness, SHU aims to become a key player in both the domestic and overseas education sectors.

The State Key Laboratory of High-quality Special Steel Metallurgy and Preparation was established with the approval of the Ministry of Science and Technology in February 2015. The key laboratory is based on the State Key Discipline of Iron and Steel Metallurgy of Shanghai University and the Shanghai Key Discipline of Materials Science, integrating the Shanghai Key Laboratory of Modern Metallurgy and Materials Preparation (State Key Laboratory Cultivation Base), the Shanghai Key Laboratory of New Technology Development and Application of Iron and Steel Metallurgy, and the Southern Experimental Base of the National Engineering Research Center for Advanced Iron and Steel Materials. The key laboratory is based in Shanghai and the advanced manufacturing cluster area of the Yangtze River Delta, guided by the country’s major demand for high-quality special steel, aiming at its key scientific and technological issues. Carry out applied basic research and key technology research and development in the aspects of composition design and performance control of high-quality special steel, metallurgical melt structure and metallurgical reaction mechanism of special steel, metallurgical refining process of special steel under multi-physical fields, theory and organization control of special steel solidification precursor, comprehensive utilization of metallurgical resources for special steel needs, and cultivate original and systematic research results with international influence. Promote the development of special steel metallurgy science and technology, and serve the development of advanced manufacturing industry and the major needs of the national economy. The construction goal of the laboratory is to become a base for basic scientific research, technological innovation and personnel training with greater international influence and playing an important role in the field of special steel, contributing to the sustainable development of special steel and high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

Since the construction of the key laboratory, five academicians including Xu Kuangdi, Zhou Guozhi, Zhou Bangxin, Liu Jie and Zhang Tongyi have been formed. Academic leaders include special professors of the Yangtze River Project of the Ministry of Education (3), recipients of the National Outstanding Young People Fund (8), National Foreign Professionals (2), National candidates for the New Century Hundred Million Talents Project (2), 100 People Plan (3) and 973 Chief Scientists (3). National high-end young talents (2 people), National Outstanding Youth Fund winners (7 people) and various provincial and ministerial level and Shanghai high-level talents (70 people) as the backbone, research strength is more prominent, domestic and foreign influence is greater. At the same time, it has attracted a group of postdocs and mobile staff to work.

The key laboratory has a high-level research platform for metallurgy and materials preparation, including the high temperature Raman spectrometer with a temperature of 2000℃, the only Brillouin scatterometer in China, superconducting magnets, aero-engine single crystal blade vacuum directional solidification furnace, coke oven gas hydrogen production equipment and other distinctive instruments and equipment, which strongly support the research work of the laboratory.

So far, the researchers of the key laboratory have undertaken a number of national 973 projects, national research projects, National Natural Science Foundation key projects, provincial and ministerial level and enterprise projects, published a large number of papers in the field of metallurgy high-impact academic journals, invited to make conference reports at important international conferences in this field, and presided over a number of influential international conferences. Obtained a large number of invention patents. Scientific research work has won 2 national awards, 3 provincial and ministerial level first prizes, and dozens of awards at all levels. At the same time, a large number of doctors and masters have been trained.

The key laboratory has established close cooperation with metallurgical enterprises, and has carried out long-term cooperation with steel and metallurgical enterprises such as Baosteel, Angang Steel, Shougang, TiSCO, CITIC Special Steel, and equipment manufacturing industries such as China Aviation Development Co., LTD., Shanghai Electric Co., LTD., and Shanghai Automobile Co., LTD., making positive contributions to the development of the industry and establishing a good reputation.

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