Development of Novel Therapeutic Approaches for Esophageal Carcinoma

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Masaryk University

About the Project

Affiliation: Masaryk University, Faculty of Medicine

Study program: PhD program Biomedical Sciences

Specialization: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Workplace: Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute, RECAMO, Žlutý kopec 7, Brno 65653

Supervisor: Doc. MUDr. Radka Lordick Obermannová, Ph.D. ()

Lab´s website:

Esophageal carcinoma is a global health challenge marked by high morbidity and mortality rates. Despite treatment advancements, therapy resistance remains a significant hurdle, driven by intricate signaling pathways governing tumor growth, metastasis, and treatment responses. The offered research project focuses on these pathways using cutting-edge proteomic techniques. Our primary objective is to pinpoint pivotal signaling pathways in esophageal cancer’s progression and therapy resistance. Advanced phosphoproteomics analysis will systematically profile and map phosphorylation events within these pathways, shedding light on abnormal activation and potential therapeutic targets. We will experimentally evaluate inhibitors and antibodies targeting these pathways, uncovering their impact on tumor growth, metastasis, and therapy resistance. This comprehensive understanding may also identify potential therapy response biomarkers. In summary, our research addresses esophageal carcinoma’s therapy resistance through a deep dive into signaling networks, offering potential breakthroughs for more effective treatments in a concise and focused manner.


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