Crystallization of membrane proteins

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Ariel University

About the Project

We aim at developing a: SIMPLE-TO-IMPLEMENT and GENERAL crystallization approach for membrane proteins (MPs). Our working hypothesize, relies on the assumption that by conjugating micelles surrounding the target MP with amphiphilic [metal:chelator] complexes, MPs would be forced to come into proximity, undergo endless associationdissociation events (due to the non-covalent nature of the [metal:chelator] complex) until the most ordered and hence, stable nucleation is generated. This in turn, is expected to support crystal growth of single, high-quality diffracting crystals [1-3]. A totally different avenue, exploit formation of 2D sheets of the target protein, that may serve as a 2D nucleation center. Thus far, we were able to show that 2 different water-soluble proteins (but not MPs), form 2D sheets (in the absence of any supporting matrix), but no crystals were yet observed. Therefore, we seek to recruit a PhD student that has a proven experience in (i) expression of proteins in E. coli and (ii) crystallization of proteins in general. Some of our current relevant publications are shown below.

Importantly, Ph.D. students at Ariel University receive a monthly scholarship of: ~1300-1400$ prior to the approval of their PhD proposal (this may take 1-2 years) and ~1600$ after the proposal approval. Dormitories fee range between 300-600$ per month depending on the room quality and number of roommates. Life in Israel is expensive.   

To help us track our recruitment effort, please indicate in your email – cover/motivation letter where ( you saw this job posting.