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Position Title: Consultants Roster

Status: Consultant

Location: Global

Classification: Consultants roster

Date: December 1st, 2023

About Landesa

Grounded in the knowledge that having legal rights to land is a foundation for prosperity and opportunity, Landesa partners with governments and local organizations to ensure that those experiencing the most extreme forms of poverty have secure rights over the land they steward. Founded as the Rural Development Institute in 1967, Landesa has helped more than 100 million families living in poverty gain legal control over their land. With secure land rights, these families can eat better, earn more, educate their children, practice conservation, and achieve dignity for generations. For additional information, visit the Landesa website at

Landesa supplements its regular staff with the expertise of skilled international consultants. We maintain and periodically review an active roster of consultants in support of our program needs. This vacancy is posted for anticipated consulting positions: we encourage consultants with specialized skills in legal, policy, and monitoring and evaluation issues related to land access and tenure security to submit their qualifications to be considered for inclusion in our roster.

The window to apply for the roster is open four times per year for a period of one month: the next available window is December 1-31, 2023.


The Consultants’ scope of work and level of effort will be determined in accordance with specific opportunities as they arise.

Consultancy Summary

Landesa is currently looking for skilled international consultants to be included in its Consultants Roster. We encourage consultants with a Land Tenure background to submit their qualifications in response to one of the following advanced vacancies:

  • Land Tenure Specialist: Within the context of developing countries around the world, the Land Tenure Specialist provides policy, analytical, and implementation expertise on rural land tenure security, access to land, women’s land rights, land rights formalization, land markets, land administration, land management, resolution of land disputes, and related fields, including food security, agricultural productivity, corporate services and partnerships, and natural resource management. The Land Tenure Specialist conducts analyses (both from the desk and in the field), and prepares and presents analytical reviews, research and briefing papers, advisory memos, training modules, presentations, and other products.
  • Climate Change Specialist: The Climate Change Specialist joins contributes to advance Landesa’s Africa and Asia programs’ climate mitigation and adaptation efforts on the ground. Landesa prioritizes climate action strategies that center smallholder rights and sustainable rural livelihoods as essential to effective, long-term climate mitigation and adaptation. Climate Change Specialist will support Landesa’s ongoing projects that have an emphasis on advancing sustainable forest management, land use planning, and securing sustainable livelihoods for communities living within or adjacent to forests. This individual should be able to address questions such as: How are land and resource tenure regimes likely to change in a world where climate conditions are also changing? What flexible and politically acceptable approaches to tenure and rights exist? How might these approaches differ for individual versus collective tenure regimes? What incentive structures and pragmatic approaches can be designed to support sustainable livelihoods and climate mitigation targets at the same time? Working closely with Landesa Africa and Asia program colleagues, the Specialist develops climate change capacity of Landesa staff, and manages relevant assignments and tasks.
  • Gender Specialist: The Gender Specialist provides gender analysis expertise in the design, implementation, and learning related to land rights programming across Landesa’s work, including applying an intersectional gender analysis to technical areas including: increased access to land in the context of communal property and natural resource settings; supporting stronger and more equitable inheritance rights for women and girls; rural land tenure security on customary land; a range of land rights formalization approaches; increased access to land markets for rural land rights holders; land administration and management; access to government extension programs; access to justice; gender-based violence prevention and mitigation; resolution of land and related natural resource disputes; and climate change impacts and mitigation and adaptation approaches. The Gender Specialist will provide technical input related to the goal of equality for women and girls in the context of land programming, and support integrating gender expertise with an intersectional lens (accounting for other marginalized identities and groups) across designated programs and projects. The Gender Specialist can also conduct gender analyses, drafts research and briefing papers, advisory memos, training modules, presentations, advocacy materials, and other products and participate in global advocacy efforts focused on gender equality and women’s land rights.
  • Research and M&E Specialist: The Research and M&E Specialist provides technical expertise to support the design, implementation, documentation, and communication of M&E and applied research in a broad range of topics such as customary and legal land rights, women’s land rights and women’s empowerment, sustainable land management, land governance, climate change, social norms and behavior change related to women’s and youths’ land tenure, and other socioeconomic dimensions of land tenure in developing countries. The Research and M&E Specialist will support the design and application of monitoring and evaluation tools and practices for Landesa projects; undertake socially inclusive mixed methods research to assess policies and practices to strengthen land tenure security; and strengthen Landesa’s and partners’ understanding and application of evidence in the land sector and related development sectors.

How to apply

How to apply

Qualified candidates must follow the indications provided on our website, Careers – Landesa, send an updated CV and fill the requested Consultant form. CV only applications will not be considered.

To help us track our recruitment effort, please indicate in your email/cover letter where ( you saw this job posting.